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Hi everyone! I have 8 lavender orpington chicks and when they grow I hope to cross them with my 2 english(I think) buffs to get a bigger sized offspring, 7 chicks were born on Dec 22 and 1 chick(Stella) was born on Dec 7. I don't have any pics of my lavs right now, but they are turning out very beautiful and I'm so in love with their color!! love.gif I just want to see if anyone wants to share pics of their Lavender, Lavender/Buff orps or any other color they are working on!!

Aussie the australorp and Fluffy💜 don't worry the about "nest" in the back, we're building a new one for them, they seriously need an upgrade!!lol.png

Fluffo my curious buff roo love.gif

Yup he sure is a flirt😂 he's a real sweetheart with them though he doesn't like it when the ladies fight or when anyone fights he'll go and break it up and walk away all proud!!😂💜

They know they love him and they can't lie😂 they always want to be around him 24/7!!

Up up and away!!