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I am not finding any recent discussions in regard to getting Lehigh Acres, FL approved for backyard chickens, like Fort Myers just did. I am seeing discussions back from 2011...........anything more recent? What has been going on with this? Can anyone point me in that direction? Thank you!

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I thought they passed somthing...I dont worrie I have lived here 30 years and have always had chickens...I even hatch and sell them never worrie about what county thinks...
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well, my crummy neighbors turned me I need to wait to be legal. I sure hope we get the laws changed. I miss my chickens so much!

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Man people are so uptight...dogs are so much worse and we allow them..grrr makes me mad to here suck a dumb law
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I have some silkie frizzles for sale right now...I have 6 and 3 r frizzle one is ee frizzle
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