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first eggs

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hi every one I have 6 EE  they just started laying for the first time they are about 5 months. the trouble is the eggs are tiny, is that common for first timers oh the eggs are green. in the pictures the bigger egg is a duck egg.

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Don't worry, it's totally normal. With time they'll be popping out whoppers for you thumbsup.gif

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Thanks CTKen they are very pretty eggs and clean compared to my ducks.

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My EE eggs lay about a medium to large oblong green egg. They've been laying since October. A friend has an EE that lays the XL rounder egg. I was hoping mine would get bigger and rounder but they haven't. I do t know if there are different types of EE and that's the difference???
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these are ones I got today. Not sure who layed the tiny brown egg!!! Never had one that small before!!! Lol
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These are ones form yesterday so you can see the difference in size
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I never had EEs before I had road island reds , I don.t remember them laying that small of an egg.. I found two more yesterday I didn.t look today it was 3 degrees out this morning I was busy giving every body water. But I must say they look funny in the egg carton.

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In my experience I've had new layers lay eggs the size of a thumb nail. It just takes time for them to sort out their plumbing that's all.

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First of all, EEs are a hybrid breed, and they can come in many sizes and lay different sizes and colors of eggs.


In my experience with new layers, most pullets start off very small, and get incrementally larger each egg they lay until, around a month later, they are laying the size egg they are genetically programmed to lay.


I like to save eggs from a new layer in their own special box, lined up according to the order in which they're laid. You are then able to see the very slight difference in size each time a new egg is laid. After three weeks or so, they are approaching full size.

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