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Buckeye chickens or?

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Hello again, I am new to backyard chickens and am curious what breed my chickens are? I think they might be Buckeye? They have pea combs. The rooster has not started crowing and has no wattle, he is super sweet. I was hoping I only got hens, so he will probably be on our dinner plate when he starts to crow. I got them on Nov 11th and was told they were about 14 weeks old. The hen has not started laying yet when can I expect to find my first egg? .

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Very nice chickens!


The appearance is slightly confusing. They appear to be mix breeds of some kind, as Buckeyes are always the same coloration which is a deep red. The rooster could be an Easter Egger mix, as he as the right color and shape but he is muscular more like a Wyandotte might be.


The hen looks like a Rhode Island Red cross and will likely be a very good layer.


I hope this helps some. They are gorgeous! :)

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The build and head shape of your birds indicates that they might be Cornish mixes. Buckeyes are dark mahogany red like Rhode Island Reds, but with pea combs. There are lots of breeds with pea combs, and it's a dominant comb type that is easily passed to mixed breed birds.

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Thank you for your information, I agree they are so pretty! I wish my roster had of been a hen. 😂
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Thank you! I thought pea combs were only on a few breeds, so I love the information I am receiving. I love my girls and Roo, sorry he will probably be a dinner item when he starts crowing. 😔
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Breeds with pea combs- Buckeye, Brahma, Cornish, Ameraucana, Araucana, Easter Egger

You can also produce a pea comb when crossing two breeds with different comb types together.

This is a very interesting article about comb type genetics. It does a good job of breaking things down.

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Thank you, I love learning about chicken raising, my husband and kids call me chicken lady! I only have 4 chickens, one is a polish hen, she is fun too.
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