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I have 9 silkie chickens that are going to be inspected at 9:00 tomorrow morning. She said I will also get my NPIP # to sell hatching eggs (very exciting) if we pass the tests. I'm sure we will. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect? I know they are getting blood drawn. I'm also concerned about how long it will take with each chicken because I have 3 broody girls right now and tomorrow is day 19 lockdown I wouldn't even open the incubator, never mind take a momma off because I'm worried the babies are getting into position to hatch. The other 2 broodys will immediately roll an egg under them when they notice another get up. Thank you to anyone who knows and replies😘
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Make sure you do not let them out into a run. Keep them locked up until they are tested. Broody hens are not a problem. Pick them up for their testing then plop them back on the eggs. With only 9 you will be done in no time. Megan is great.


I am confused about getting an NPIP number so easily. I have had mine tested for at least 5 years and I don't have an NPIP number.

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Is there a reason behind not letting them into the run? They aren't difficult to catch.
I simply told her a few weeks ago when she called that I'd like to have an NPIP # she said no problem as long as the tests come back negative🤗
Thank you again!
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I leave mine locked up and release them into the pen after they're done. The hard to catch ones I crate the night before.


I asked about getting an NPIP number several years ago, when they still had 3 testers in the state. At that time I was told there were all sorts of hoops I had to jump through to get one. It wasn't worth the hassle to me.


They only test for 2 things, so it won't take long to get results. I always have mine in 3 or 4 days.

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Hey there! Just following up, you were right- Megan was great! So apparently the NPIP # is for registering that you have birds and hatching eggs for sale in a registry (I don't know if it's state wide or country)
Megan gave me a sheet to fill out (name, type of poultry, etc) and my the bottom there was a line that read would you like an NPIP # and a box for yes & no...... She said that wasn't there until about a year ago. She also said that she didn't have access to the database (now she does) so she can email all the information herself.
I think it's worth giving her a call if you want to be on the database. I am new to all of the regulations because I just had layers before hatching my silkies. I was under the impression that I needed an NPIP number to send hatching eggs through the mail, when in actuality I just needed a negative polllorum. I hope this helps. I have her cell phone #, pm me if you would like it;) thank you so very much for all your information and answers!😘
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The yes/no box is definitely new. I was last tested almost a year ago which is why I haven't seen it. I'm due to get everyone tested at the end of March/beginning of April depending on weather. I'll ask her about it then. Thanks for letting me know about the change!

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Does anyone know where I can get some young ducklings asap? I have a day-old Mallard single hatchling that needs some company desperately. Willing to consider other breeds and will drive to pick up most anywhere in New England. Please let me know if you know of any options.


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I have 4 week old chicks I could give you one for the company! They are silkies and parents just got their bill of clean health from the poultry inspector. I'm in Massachusetts. About an hour south of Boston. 02779
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