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Too Cold Too Eat

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I live in the midwest and it's getting close to 0 degrees at night and barely above 20 in the day.  I have noticed that the food intake has decreased.  They get fed spinach, kale, oats, wheat, corn, oyster shells, bananas, and mealworms daily.  From day to day, the amount of grain that they eat is decreasing, should i be concerned?

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Do they eat specifically grain or are you talking about their layer ration?

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Maybe they're getting too much of the other stuff? I'm in MN, and it's been in the double-digits below zero here and feed consumption has not noticeably decreased at all. But mine only get their layer feed and some kitchen scraps. 

Chickens off and on for 25+ years and still learning.


Chickens off and on for 25+ years and still learning.

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I haven't followed a specific meal rotation for them, so if that is the issue, then I would need to just research what to feed them during the cold weather.  The oyster shells, greens, and mealworms are always eaten.

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keep them on a constant layer feed your personal choice but make sure it is at least %16

then you could mix in some scratch

add some BOSS


and that is my mix but start feeding constant layer pellets, crumbles, or mash

the others are mainly just used as treats

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16% what?  and What is BOSS?

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Also, the only way that I was allowed to get chickens is if I only fed them non GMO food (just FYI).

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%16 protein BOSS=Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

as for the non GMO it is possible to buy nonGMO feed it just takes a bit of extra looking, without the protein from a higher protein feed, your chickens are only getting less than %10 protein.

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Originally Posted by sgrzybin View Post

16% what?  and What is BOSS?

A complete, nutritionally balanced feed that has a 16% protein content. BOSS = Black Oil Sunflower Seeds.

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Where are you located if you don't mind me asking.

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