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Injured leg

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I have a turkey with and injured leg, I think it's a muscle injury. She has been limping on her leg, I see no obvious deformities. He knee joint is slightly swollen but other than that nothing else. I was wondering if I can use essential oils on her leg to help with inflammation? Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
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Welcome to BYC, sorry your girl is having problems.

What variety of turkey is it and how much does she weigh?

You can admin. 5mg of Aspirin per kilo, tid. If she eats grapes a 81mg chewable cardiac aspirin can be crushed and the pile of powder divided into equal piles. If weighing by pounds: 20 lb hen, 2.5mg per pound = 50mg. Four equal piles 20mg per pile 3 piles equal 60mg. Pour those three piles in small cup, daub up with crushed grapes, mix in with a little bit up cut up peach, etc. (whatever you can get her to eat). The dosing is fairly forgiving. Had a Rooster with Bumble foot and a resulting arthritic hip/gait for many years afterwards. We titrated dose up to 10 mg. per pound and that at least allowed him to get out and at least follow his hens. Make sure she doesn't get startled and go flying up (the landing being the problem). Provide with clean soft bedding and no roost to fly up to, until she's no longer gimpy.

Can't address the utility of oils as I've no experience with them.

Again, welcome. Hope she's soon on the mend.
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Well I have been giving her baby asprin and she seems a bit better but still limping.  I am making her get out of the coop, which she isn't real happy about but she needs to get up and moving.  So when she is out she is eating and drinking fine and moving around some, but promptly goes back in the coop and lays down.  I hope she will mend quickly as she is my son's favorite bird.  

Thank you for your help 

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Keep an eye on her and and long as she is eating and drinking, she should be fine. I had a dog attack a few months ago and had a hen who could not walk at all on one leg. She hopped around on that one leg for about 2-3 weeks. Now you can not tell her from any of my others. It just takes time to heal.

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