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When Blooie first posted the concept of brooding with a heating pad, my imagination went wild. (See "Heating pad for the Brooder" on this forum) I imagined a heating pad brooder cave to brood a couple dozen chicks could be fashioned out of a camping foam pad with Mylar heat reflective material glued to the inside surfaces, the principle being that the body heat of the many chicks would be reflected back at them from the top and sides, requiring only a minimal heat source. I did go on to glue the Mylar "space blanket" material to the inside, and it worked beautifully. The chicks had the option of spending time on top or under the heating pad. As long as the thin Mylar was glued down, the chicks left it alone. I didn't put it on the roof, but I see no problem with placing it on the rack in the area not covered by the heating pad. It would help in reflecting heat back downward, thus maximizing the heat being delivered by the heating pad. I don't know the wattage, but it shouldn't be much more than a 100 watt bulb. Maybe less.


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Originally Posted by jojosbunches View Post

Do you think the heat put out by a 24watt bulb would suffice in a small area...

I've raised tons of chicks... Like I said last year I was able to raise using only heated bricks... One year I used a small Styrofoam box with hand wArmers in it and did fine but again had to change them out often and am not able to this year

Check it out with a thermometer and see what you think. I think one potential problem with that wood stove is varying temperatures, but that doesn’t have to be a huge issue. Just keep one area warm enough and they can manage the rest.

With you now being in Oklahoma I feel 25 degrees warmer already even in late February.

 I grow a little impatient when people seem to think that they are unique in the world. Of course they are. Just like everyone else.


 I grow a little impatient when people seem to think that they are unique in the world. Of course they are. Just like everyone else.

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You could try a 12v camper heater. Hook it up to a 12v battery and wire a 12v trickle charger to the battery. You coul even go with a solar charger.
Camper Heaters are meant for small areas and some are pretty efficient. A 1500 btu cost about $130-150. Less if you find a used one.
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Some rvs use 12vlt incandescent light bulbs that are 100 watts you might be able to use also.
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100Watts is way too big for our solar/wind set up... Need more batteries..

I'm going to look at some reptile heating mats..

We can only run a max of 10 amps worth on our grid power and our solar/wind is maxed out..

That's why I'm looking for alternatives
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We're off grid and have very little power coming in off solar panels at the moment. Also solid fuel heating so varying temperatures when I'm not here to throw a log on the fire.

I've a broody due to hatch chicks tomorrow. In case she turns out to be no good as a mum I've ordered a small electric hen. The advert said it only takes 15W to run. I'm really hoping I don't have to use it as even an extra 15W 24/7 will be a massive drain on the batteries :-( I've also ordered a regulator for in the allows it to be turned down as they get bigger so it draws less power - down to 20% power output. It was the lowest power useage setup I could find. I'm getting the smallest one though for up to 20 birds. The bigger ones use a bit more power I think.
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I understand nothing about amps and only a little more about watts. The old heating pad I have says "50 watts" on it. I'm skeptical that reptile pads would produce enough heat for 25 chicks.

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I was lookng around and the closest to 10amp I could find is a 12.5 amp, 12v car defroster/heater. Finding something under 10 amp is gonna be tricky.
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I may just go with a 25 or 40watt bulb... They are both under 2 amps
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I was just thinking, why not put a light inside a stock pot and make a home made space heater.
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