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roosters closed eye

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hello i have 2 hens and brought a rooster (indian asil rooster)who has one closed eye. he opened it a tiny bit and the bottom was red and it was all watery.i can tell the other eye is getting watery so so it can spread.could be conjuctives?

what do i do give antibiotics,where from i don't know what to do plz help my rooster!!!!:fl


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Are you quarantining your rooster? That would be the first thing to do, any time you bring in new birds they should be quarantined for at least a couple weeks, although some would say 60 days.


Do you have any pictures? Does he have any other symptoms like wheezing or any breathing issues?  A lot of times respiratory issues will present with watery, yucky eyes.


I would flush his eyes with Veterycin (you can get this at tractor supply or Amazon) or if you can't get that, you could use simple saline solution. If he doesn't present with any respiratory issues, just keep him separate in a warm area and flush his eyes a couple times a day for a couple days. 


If any respiratory issues develop, treat him immediately with Tylan50. You can get this at tractor supply as well. Some people give it orally but I prefer to give it as an injection. If you feel comfortable giving an injection, you will need the smallest syringe they sell, 1cc preferably but usually I can only find 3cc there.


Post some pictures and maybe we can help you with a more definitive diagnosis.

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no i have not quarantined my rooster didn't know what it meant until now.his eye was shut on the day i got him and has no other issues.i will take pics tomorrow of his eye but have normal pics of him and do you think if i use the germ cleaner dettol, dilute in water and smudge on his eye a little with cotton.will honey work heard it does.


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I have never heard of Dettol but I just did a google search and it does not seem safe for eyes. It would probably be more irritating than helpful. You want something that you could put in your own eyes without it causing discomfort. Do you have any non-medicated eyedrops? The kind that are just for irritated eyes? The ingredients should just be saline and water.  That should work pretty well.


Do you know how long his eye has been closed?

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erm i wont use dettol but need something quick to fix his eyes, and a specific medicine that i can order, his eye has been closed for 4 days (since i got him) and barely eats, lowest in the pecking order and had to separate him.Give me a medicine to help him plz.and btw he also has some skin coming of his nose.



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You can get saline solution or non-medicated eye drops from any pharmacy. I would start using these until you can get something better. I think Vetericyn eye spray would be your best bet as far as treatment goes. You can order this on Amazon...

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does really cold rose water with cotton wool smudged on the eye help, saw a video on it on youtube,"treat swollen eyes organic poultry"(watch it)

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It could, I haven't used rose water so I can't say... I don't think it would hurt to try as long as you are really gentle with the cotton wool.
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