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That front of the coop is facing north and back is facing south. I actually have gable vents and some other venting material. Soffetts all around, Windows on the sides that are permanent openings now and gable vents. If that's not enough by God then I give up. Thanks for the input. The coop has a solid floor, I've been thinking about replacing with hardware cloth. Keep the floor free of hay in summer except nesting boxes. In winter I'll throw straw on the floor for a little insulation. Thanks so much for all replies.

:lau  Oh, I so know that feeling!!  It is kinda hard from the pictures to see all the ventilation you mention, so my apologies if I was too critical!  

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The pictures do not show any gable venting. The windows and door and soffetts are too low to move moisture and ammonia, which rise. You need the majority of the ventilation to be above roosting height.

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Yeah there are no gables yet, I was just saying I will add the gables, and with the soffetts and Windows that should be good. Soffetts are intended to bring in fresh air actually, not necessarily for venting. Soffetts bring in air and with the gable vents, whirly birds or ridge vents it creates natural convection which pulls the air in and sends it out. I will install gable venting this evening. What do y'all think about replacing plywood floor with hardware cloth for added fresh air ?
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I would keep the solid floor. Just add the gable vents with shutters. It has been ample in my case.

I also have soffit vents with shutters.
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You are correct, specific gravity of ammonia is .826.. SG of air is 1. I cut in gable vents which will stay open all the time. So now there's plenty fresh air intake and ventilation high and low. Thanks y'all, Trent.
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