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So today my lovely dutch bantam didnt leave the coop (that i know of) and went to the nesting box. I found her there and she was lying on her side, feathers fluffed up. I tried giving her water but she would not take it, or and corn, pellets, even yoghurt. I put her in a cardboard box in the garage separtated from the others, so she would be warm and safe, but she started spasaming. Now she is laying on her side in the cardboard box and there seems to be a brown liquid dripping from her beak? Please help sad.png
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I know it sounds a little gross but did you smell the fluid? I'm no expert by any means of the word but it kinda sounds like sour crop.

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Not the spasming  but the brown liquid.

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It does smell a bit bad, but not very strong. I was thinking sour crop too but i wasnt sure
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Does her crop feel squishy?

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Sorry to say she has just passed away. sad.png thanks for your help though
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Yep no problem and I'm sorry about your chicken you can bag her and keep her cold to send to the state vet or some where I'll try to find what it is but they can do an autopsy and tell you exactly what made her so ill.

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