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I have experience with these types of pigs. Let me tell you... THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A MICRO PIG! People sell these pigs when they are still young. But pigs can grow up until they are three years old. And they can breed at 9 months old. So even if you see the parents, the parents could still be piglets themselves. There is such a thing as a mini pig or potbelly pig though. These pigs can grow up to 100 pounds. If your lucky maybe 80 pounds. If you get a mini pig, please don't starve it. Pigs are pigs. They love to eat! While having an overweight pig is not good, starving a pig just so it can stay small with cause health problems later on. Also you need to have a large yard for the pig to play in. Mini pigs are still pigs and love to go outside, dig and run around. But if they eat a dangerous plant it can kill them. This is why so many mini pigs or "Micro pig" end up dead or in overcrowded shelter before they turn a year old. Please think twice before getting a mini pig of any kind!!