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white stain on rear feathers

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I have five hens and one has white stains on rear end.  what is the problem and name of aliment?

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Could it be she has a very fluffy butt and is getting poop on them?

I know my Wyandottes are very feathered back there and occasional get poopy. I read you can trim around their vent to keep it clean and also for better breeding access.
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thanks for the response, of the five chickens only the RR is doing this, however, she seems healthy and is the top of pecking order.


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since I last posted have lost two of five hens, one due to others keeping her from water.  other was top of pecking order, was unable to get into coup at night and died next day.  my question to reestablish flock to five, do I need to start with new five hens?



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