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Sick hen

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Hi all - I could use some help - I'm only on Day 4 of ownership of my first pair of hens and already one looks ill.  They are only 16 weeks old, not laying yet.  She's lethargic, fluffed and doesn't show a lot of interest in eating or drinking.  She tries to follow the leader, but then  just either lays on the spot or goes to a dark corner. No watery eyes or blood in the poop. Could it be coccidisis?  She has been recently wormed.  I thought maybe it was intestinal, as I think they are eating different things from their original owner. Thanks!

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What are you feeding them? How long have you had her? What did you use to worm your hens?

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I am feeding them layer's pellets mostly; however, I have offered some other options - lettuce, apple, oats, rice, mealworms.  They actually don't seem particularly interested in anything except the carbs.  

I don't know if its the case, but someone advised using cat litter in the roosting box...which I used and I'm wondering if she ate it!


I didn't worm them; they came recently wormed.

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If you recently brought her home, she could have coccidia. Blood does not show in poop with all strains of coccidia.
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Are you saying that she could have already had it OR could she get it through the stress of transitioning?  Should I separate her from the other hen, who isn't showing any signs of it.


Any home remedies for it? Any chance it just 'goes away' on it's own, if that is what it is?


Thanks, 'new egg' here.

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When you brought the hen to your place, she probably got infected with a strain of coccidia that she has not been exposed to. Just treat all of your chickens with Corid and she should be fine.


There are several different strains of coccidia that infect chickens. They are naturally in the environment and in all chicken's digestive system.  They do not cause problems until the chicken is stressed.

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