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Easter Egger

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Hello all   I am curious my 7 mo hen back in November had a really bad impacted crop, took her to the vet and started antibiotics she almost was gonna have surgery but meds worked during this time she developed some breathing problems, vet treated with meds and breathing treatments her impacted crop is 100 % better but breathing is still not right , we have spent a $1000 bucks on this chicken and still dont no what the problem , after we had some rain and the day coop got a little water in the soil and wasnt so dusty her breathing improved , i am now thinking maybe she has asthma is this possible, vet wanted to run more tests but jeeze there's more hundreds off dollars chickens have or get asthma ??? she with my other 4 hens who have no problems at all so we no its not anything contagious or serious she eating (like a pig ) lol laying all normal i can hear her wheezing when she jumps on my shoulder, i do notice when shes flies up on us its very apparent when shes she scratching around shes fine so seems with some exercise flying etc she gets this way ...any help would be great ..thanks    

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I am actually not sure if they can have asthma, but let me just say you are amazing for spending money on her!!! It is 100% possible for them to have breathing issues, I have a hen that wheezes in the summer time, only in the summer. She spends most of her time in the shade! 

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Thank you, well they are pets to us, our babies but there comes a point when i cant keep spending, shes acting perfectly fine was just wondering about the asthma part.. thank you :) 

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Oh i completely understand! I have a chicken only fund. All money i make from eggs and chicks, goes into a separate account to spend only on chickens. Which is obviously only so much. Ill do what i can but can't spend too much! Maybe someone else will know more about the asthma!

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