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I have been reading on this forum and learning for some time and just wanted to say "Thanks" to all the people who post all their information here. Sally Sunshine's Hatching 101 is outstanding!


I set 12 eggs in the incubator, one was clear, one pipped at the wrong end and died. The remaining 10 hatched. I don't believe I could have been that successful without all the info I learned from this site. One of the ten did die about an hour after hatching, it's abdomen was black? Maybe no circulation? The other 9 however are in very good shape, 9 out of 12 is 75% so I'm very happy with that for never having done this before.


Thanks Again!

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Congrats on your hatch! Any advice? About to try my first hatch this week.

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I read everything I could and decided to follow what was in the Hatching 101 thread, and be patient. I feel I'm still way too new at this to give any advice. I can just tell you what I did. I do kinda wish I would have helped the chick that pipped at the wrong end. But I didn't want to open the incubator and risk lowering the humidity and jeopardizing the other eggs that pipped. So I just let nature take it's course.

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