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Unwell Maran chick.

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Hello everyone,


We have a seven week old Maran boy who has recently developed some concerning symptoms- of what I don't know.


He is rocking when he stands, unsteady when he walks and his legs seem rigid and tense. He wobbles even when he's standing still! I can't seem to find a disease that fits, even Mareks disease (which seems to be the obvious answer) looks quite different to what he has.


I'm very concerned that something is wrong and that his brothers and sisters might have already caught what he has... :( For now I'm keeping them segregated, but any help identifying the problem would be much appreciated!


Thank you for any and all help. :)

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That's good that you have separated him.

Not sure about the symptoms, but it wouldn't hurt to give him a boost of vitamins and electrolytes. If it does happen to be a vitamin deficiency you will see improvement fairly quickly. If not, we'll have to keep searching.:) With chickens sometimes its a process of elimination.

You can find vitamins and electrolytes at your local feed store like tractor supply.


In the mean time some questions:

Is he able to eat and drink on his own?

What type of food are you feeding him?

What type of treats?

What does his poop look like? Is he puffed up?

Do you have photos or even a video of his behavior?

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Sometimes posting a video to YouTube of the chicken walking, then posting a link for us to look at it, can help us see what you see. Mareks symptoms can vary a whole lot in every case, but other things such as dehydration or even coccidiosis can look like Mareks. Any symptoms that you see of dropping, his water and food intake, or acting lethargic or hunched may help in a diagnosis.

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