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i want helping in raising quails

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hey i have 2 quails one is females about 2 months old and the other is a male 1 month old i want to 

have eggs so do i need to buy more quails like 2 more females ???? plus i cant keep the quails

out side so sunshine reach them because i live in a city so i am keeping them in a room will that affect them ? or make them

stop laying eggs and another thing that i noticed that the female keep fighting with the male and hitting it so my question here is that i must put the 1 month male in another cage so that he gets bigger then put him again with the female when he is older ??? or just keep him with her even if they fight and please give me a link at which i can learn more about raising quails :)

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Let's start with the species. Quail are not just quail and the answers could change depending on the species. But when you simply say 'quail', I assume it's coturnix quail you have. And in that case, yes, you should get at least two more females. Though if you don't need the eggs to be fertilized, you can get rid of the roo. 

Quail use sunlight to make vitamin D, but they'll be fine without it as long as their feed has suitable amounts of vitamin D, so whether it will be a problem depends on the feed. They just need ~14 hours of light a day to lay eggs, it doesn't have to be sunlight.

I'd separate the two but keep them where they can see each other. The female is defending her territory because she sees him as an intruder - they need time to get used to each other. And once you put them together again, it should preferably be in a cage that is new to both.

As for the link - you found it. I don't even have coturnix, and all of the things I wrote above can be found on this forum. So search and you shall find ;)

Oh - and: :welcome

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thanks that really helped alot and i have jumbo Coturnix quail both of them

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