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You can't make a mean rooster nice again, but you can make him scared of you. If he turns into a shin flogger whoop his butt, if he comes back for seconds, get the stew pot out.
Here here! We have an Orpington Roo, originally named Dorthy... I was the biggest fan and wanted to keep him, fertile and a great protector, but he is a huge jackwagon now! Every one gets along in the flock and on the property but him. He jad attacked my daughter and I multiple times, my grandson twice drawing blood at the temple. That bird needs to go but he has one person hood winked, male bonding? Idk. The next time he hurts anyone he is stew pot material. I have a huge issue with valuing a potentially dangerous bird over the health and harmony of people and half a flock, oh I meant in my humble opinion. :-)