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Relative Fasting of Overfed Chickens

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Hi, A friend of mine has the book The Complete Herbal Handbook For Farm And Stable by 

In it she says chickens are sparse eaters. If so then I've created a vicious cycle of chasing me back to the store for more feed ever closer to the previous time feed purchasing. Sure, it's winter: chickens are bored. Really, I just figured they were instinctually intact (read: smart) enough to know what they need and how much. But hey, we don't...have such sensory acuity, as a group, anyways. I've say people that do are few and far between, so I'd best not expect that from chickens. Is there debate on this or accepted wisdom I'm as yet unaware, given I'm still relatively new in this game. I have fed them sardines etc, bcuz i  heard they need heavier proteins in winter. Makes sense, fatten up for insulation, yada-yada.  Thanks for weighing in,  Nick

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Have no idea where the  SPARSE EATERS comes in.     Mine eat like pigs ( those that are laying).   ( egg production requires food induction :gig)    Sparse would only describe the small banties that are on strike in egg production.  Even they like food... :lau

On the subject of feed during winter,,     Add corn to their diet to give them added ability to generate body heat.      Nothing wrong with sardines,  as long as you do not overdo.  May make your eggs fish flavored.    In my opinion, they are not necessary.    If you are giving them processed feed,   there should be enough protein already. 


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Yes Rich Caveman ;-) they don't seem to be suffering from all that feasting, but I am $uffering from the processed feed. This is why the other thread I'm currently on here is Growing Fodder for Chickens. I'd rather process my own, if possible. Hmmph, a lotta work.


Last night we went to a locavore feast (potluck). I shoulda stopped eating a ways before I did. Made me feel bad but I don't seem to look diff, to my eyes. But if I did this daily as my chickens have no doubt my health would suffer. My chickens are exercising less than in summer. They don't like to walk on the snow, it seems. This keeps them just under the eves of the coop in their chicken run. Not that there isn't room for them to run around in the coop, but they don't get those longer runs they enjoy daily out in the back yard. Maybe keeping warm and dry itself makes up the difference -- internal work we cant see. My partner got our birds a suet. Yes meant for wild birds, but the rendered fat, seeds and dead insects therein also give that extra protein we've heard chickens need from more than one flock owner. Since still winter I'm gonna start sprouting, for us and the chickens. Much Thanks & Happy Winter>Spring

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