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}. I am just now getting the chance to post her taped up legs. Because of the feathers on the femurs, he didn't tape them up there. He did aspirate some pus from that left hock when he went back and taped up the legs - so that confirms the infection there. He looked it up, and told me to go ahead and give her .5cc's, twice a day. Now that we are home, I am putting her into a single hole sling, so that her legs will be right underneath her (like they would when a chicken lays down) and confine her to that laying down position. She will strengthen the legs by when she tries to stand, but the legs can't separate. I think next week when I chage the bandage, I will put her in a tall bucket of warmer water with some support, and see if she will move her legs normally, thinking this may help with muscle memory - along with some strengthening. She has no muscle tone now. Maybe this could help.

I am going to start a new thread regarding this experience - as this issue had nothing to do with bumblefoot - and I would like to give others the chance to help their young chicken, as apparently this is not uncommon for a young chick to succumb to. The key for a good prognosis is correctly identifying the issue and starting immediate treatment. I am going to title it, crooked leg in a 7 week old chick, as that was her initial symptom. I will put my updates on oprah on there also, so I don't have to go back and forth between threads.
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. I don't think my first attempt worked when putting up the pic.

Btw - thank you Wyorp Rock for all your encouragement!!! I very much appreciate you input through all this, and it was very helpful when I went to the vet today smile.png.
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This is great!

Thank you for the updates and pictures.

I love the idea of the new thread. I agree it will be helpful for others and a new title and updates will be helpful.

I will keep an eye out for the new thread with updates :)

I do wish you all the best and I hope Oprah recovers.


You are most certainly Welcome.

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