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Hard Lump on side of face

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My bufforfinen  chicken has a hard large lump on the side of the face under the eye.  When lanced only blood comes out.  Will not squeeze and no puss because it is too hard.

   The inside of the mouth seems swollen too and the food accumulated and has to be removed so she can eat.


otherwise she acts healthy. Walks around eats and drinks.  


Anyone had anything like this?  How can I fix it? 

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Welcome to BYC. Do you have a picture? It sounds like it could be a tumor in the face, especially if you haven't noticed any respiratory symptoms, such as runny nose, eye drainage, rattles or wheezes, or coughing. 

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I will update with a pic.  It takes up the side of his face, is crusty and very hard.  Eye is not swollen.  Might need to do the Vet thing.  Was hoping to be able to take care of it myself.   not sure now.  the chicken is old about 9 years now.  I still have 2 left from the origiaal flock about 10 years or more ago.   STill very healthy except for that growth on her face.

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