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Chickens dies suddenly

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Well I have first a hen died suddenly after night and then anorher hen as well with watery poop I even gave them medicin but didnt work so then my favorite aseel rooster suddenly started water poop ans didn't eat anything still crop was full and drinks water only and vomits water then he died as well I have lost 4 chickens like this plz help
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We need more information. What are you feeding your chickens? Do all of them have full crops in the morning? They should empty over night, and fill back up in the morning when they eat? If their crops are full/hard in the morning before eating, they are crop bound. If they are crop bound, that would explain the watery poop and the vomiting.
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Well the ones died had full crop in the morning and combs get dark purple and feathers get all puffed up and poop is all water
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What state are you located in?
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Asia bangladesh
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