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Waterboy waterer

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I just wanted to mention that this works for chickens.  A re-purposed spill proof water bowl for dogs.  It's a bit up off the floor, but so far they don't seem that interested in perching on it, so bedding contamination is less, but I still had to clean it out some this morning.  My long term plan is to get a second one so I can bring a clean one from inside and swap it out.  That would make an easier maintenance run, I think.

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First :welcome


Is this what you are referring to , a heated bowl for winter??? 

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this is the Amazon link, if allowed:


Heininger PortablePET Waterboy.  It holds 3/4 gallon of water, and it has a handle for easy transport.  I just did a swap out this morning, real easy.  It is not a heated thing, it kind of like a souped up jug.

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