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My chicken seems to be VERY dehydrated, because of the freezing water. When i place water out, it almost instantly freezes. What should i do for my chicken! PLEASE HELP! I really wanted to help him from not dying if at all possible. 

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Are you able to use a heated waterer?

If not, putting lukewarm water into the waterer will help keep it from freezing quickly. It's still going to freeze so having 2 waterers will help.

I have 2 waterers that I swap out every few hrs. That way I can bring the frozen one in to defrost. Also I don't leave them in the coop/run overnight because Ive heard it can cause frostbite.
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ok, but what can i do to help my already dehydrated chicken?

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Giving water with probiotics like Save a chic or water with a little bit of Gatorade helps. If you can, bring him inside for a little bit so you can make sure he gets enough water before it freezes.
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