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16 Eggs and waiting

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We have 16 eggs in the Hovabator 1588 Genesis Incubator.  It seems to be holding steady.  The humidity all last week was in the 40s to 50s range.  I let it be over the weekend, when I came into my portable classroom the humidity was only 22.  I added water and now its around 60, I am having a hard time soaking up any water suggestions?  

When should I candle?

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Candle at 7 days for most eggs, 10 days for hard-to-see-in eggs like Welsumer/Marans and green eggs. In my experience 40s-50s is too high. I like to incubate "dry" at 25-35 percent until lockdown. If you have temporary swings up in humidity though, don't worry. When you candle, mark the air cells, and as long as they are growing properly, your humidity is ok. Hope you have a good hatch! 







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