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Injured foot

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My hen was trying to fly and got stuck in a chain link fence. Now her foot is swollen and she is not using it. what should I do? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Do you know if it is broken
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Don't know... she is eating just not walking (limping)
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Could you post a pic she might have just pull a muscle or twisted her ankle
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Do you have any baby aspirin for the pain just give her half of it
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Yes I do but how on earth do I give that to her? Lol should I lock her up at night so she don't jump down?
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Can you just open her beak like if you were to have to force feed her and I would put her in a box or something so she is not jumping around and not hurting it more
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Thanks so much I'll try to give her aspirin and will put her in the box.
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Make sure when you give it to her there isn't like a weird looking thing in her mouth opening and closing wait till it closes and hurry up and drop it in
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Ok thanks
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