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Serama chickens

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I like the tiny little serama chickens but I have standard breeds also so could I get and keep some serama chickens with the standard breeds.
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Hi Roada, I also have standard breeds,and Seramas. My Seramas get alone great with the bigger birds, just be careful when you first introduce them of course. I never let them together unless i was right there with them so i could stop anything that might happen, i did that for a few weeks, and now my little Serama roo runs the coop.:)

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Ok thank do you have a recommended amount to get so that if they fight they can go off and do there own thing and I have a rooster so he won't hurt them will he I mean he has never hurt my hens but he won't be to heavy for them if he try's to mount them
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Are they cold hardy
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I had seramas in the past..   They are not cold hardy.    I kept them  in winter quarters during cold inside heated garage.    I also do not have roosters big or small.     I  Only keep hens , and the seramas were able to get along with the standards.  I had 3 Easter Eggers and the rest were bantams. 


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Well my rooster is a sweet boy I introduced a few more new hens to him before he didn't even peck at them that I seen but either way I can't get rid of my rooster
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