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I have a gosling that internally pipped between four and five days ago and it is now on day 30 and it never externally pipped whereas all my other goslings hatched completely on day 30, so it was suggested to do an artificial external pip.  I did this with no problem whatsoever and despite the fact that I had a damp paper towel around the egg and my humidity is 78%, this gosling started to get shrink wrapped (I guess b/c I had it out of the incubator to make the external pip). I reluctantly pulled some more shell away so that I could try and moisten the inner membrane that was getting shrink wrapped, while doing this I nicked a vein that started to bleed, but right away I got it to stop bleeding.  I then tucked a damp paper towel all around the inside of the hole to try to prevent anymore moisture loss, but now I'm a nervous wreck!  The gosling is still chirping and breathing fine, so I guess it's time to sit on my hands other than making sure my humidity stays up.  Is there anything else I can do?  I'm worried about it getting more shrink wrapped and not being able to free itself from the membrane, what do you do if it becomes wrapped up like this?  I've read where someone removed the entire shell and then wrapped the chick and membrane in a damp towel until it broke free of the membrane, but I don't know if that would be advisable.


Sorry for the late response.


How is the gosling doing? Once a vein is nicked then they started absorbing the blood, so in a few hours working on the membrane a little more can help. It has to be a very slow process, as the last chick I hatched I accidentally made bleed and two weeks later he is still having some issues with stunting from having been too weak while under his mother (he is doing well indoors but had issues with keeping warm). When they need assisted they may be too weak to break through their membrane.