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20 wk Legbar hen loosing weight :(

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As titled, the young lady has not been the same since her pen mate passed 3 weeks ago. She finished her 2nd course of flubenvet 2 weeks ago, but she is not gaining weight despite what seems to be a normal appetite. She eats growers in the day, and chick crumb mash at bed time, has tonic/vitamin water and access to greens, grit and the outside to scratch around if she wishes (she has only just started going out, as she has never wanted to). I also alternate the water twice weekly with ACV, and 1 day just water.


She is a fussy eater, so I know she hat not eaten too much of anything out of the ordinary, only just recently enjoying some blueberries. She wont eat scrambled egg, porridge, corn cobs or anything I offer her, while her new pen mate, a young rooster is expanding his taste buds eagerly :) Her tail is mostly down, and she is always dosing, and not very strong on her legs as she used to be.


I have separated her and removed food today after checking her crop at 3pm, and 5hrs since, it is still fullish, a little doughie, not squidgy, but there is lots of poop on the floor. No worms in poop.


History: She was purchased at a day old, along with a silkie, and raised with a week old sussex. UV light for a few extra hours in the evening over the winter, housed with medicated dust bath, roost, and access to outdoors.


Here is a pic of her looking miserable. Any ideas pls?? :)


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Thanks for the advice hehe :)


Following a dose of bread soaked in olive oil for her supper last night, she is a new chicken today :), bossing Sir around and eating some meal worm treats and her food like she used to with extra vigour. She is perkier and jumping onto higher places.. well, she looks more like the Willameena she was :) I think she may of had a small blockage in her crop which the olive oil helped :) 


I shall keep myself posted :D

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