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not a fluffy chick

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Hi I've hatched 6 silkies the last to hatch has crooked toes though it seems to walk fine. It doesn't have alot of fluff it seems a bit stubbly especiaaly down its back. Its also smaller than the rest. Does anyone have any ideas or help? Thanks I'm very new to hatching though I've had Isa Browns for 15 years.  Thanks

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An article about fixing crooked toes:

(I know the link says spraddle leg but it's about both issues)


Also, it's possible the other chicks are picking at him because he's smaller.

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Hi catcrazy37 thanks for the reply. The chick has died it didn't open it eyes properly and it didn't have a lot of down when it hatched. 

So I thinks there was alot more wrong than I first thought. 


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Oh, sorry to hear that :(

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