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Chick's anal cavity closed up due to the pecking of other chicks.

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I need help...desperately!! I can not lose this chick. I only have 7 Reeve chicks. The other chicks pecking at his anal and now it has grown closed. How do I open it up without killing the chick? He cant poop at all. Really hope someone can tell me what to do.

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If you haven't removed the chick from he others, do so right now. Coconut oil is the best thing to use on this injury since it has bot anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties.


If you can, rig up a partition in the brooder so the chick can still be with the others without them hurting it further. I use window screening stapled or taped to the sides of the brooder.


Keep the coconut oil on the tiny rump several times a day.

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how is the chicken doing? did you get his anus opened up? is he separate? oiled? please update on how he's doing? was his bottom scabbed over from pecking or was it pasty bottom from poop?
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I separated him immediately. I dont have coconut oil and stays very far out of town. I used germolene, Its also got anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. It soften everything. The anal cavity is very small but at least he is pooping. 


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It was definitely closed up (grown closed) for pecking. Luckily I got the 2 goldens out before it got like the reeve. They are separate. also gave them antibiotics in their water. Scared the get infection. 


The scab has soften due to the germolene but not like it should be. cavity really small. I keep their bottoms cleans so that the poop dont cause infection while sticking.

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I found castor oil, will that work?

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Keep using what you're using. And try to keep the poop cleaned off the wounded vent.


Does the chick poop without effort? Or does it squat and peep frantically as it tries to poop? Is this chick growing the same as the others? Or is it much smaller?


Do you have it in a place where it can still see the others? Is it quiet or peeping rapidly without letup?

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The reeve chick is fine. Doesnt look like he is struggling when pooping. He is with 2 golden chicks that is also hurt due to others pecking at them. He is the same size as the other chicks.




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That's excellent news. Sounds like he's in the clear.

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Wont believe what happened. I am still so upset. I told my husband to cull the golden chick (the chick that was also pecked). That chick was in so much pain. He could not poop at all. He didn't even breath properly. I tried everything. After my husband culled the chick, he wanted to see what was the problem. He started pushing softly and more than a tablespoon of poop came out....because the anal cavity was hurt and I think the muscle was didn't close properly. So the poop in side hardened and made a plug. The poor chick.


Luckily we didn't decide to cull the reeve as well. So my husband took the reeve chick and softly pushing him at the back. That chick also had hardened poop like the other one. When that came out he gently pushed out the rest. Also a tablespoon. Now I just pray he didn't hurt any organs. The chick was in shock yesterday but looks better today. Just want to see him eat, drink and poop. Please pray for my chick. They each are like babies to me. Really love my birds.

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