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Collecting eggs

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Really getting antsy for spring and baby chicks. I live in the Midwest so it's cold out right now. I want to start collecting eggs to set but when I go out and collect eggs 2x a day the eggs are always pretty cold. Can I set eggs that have been that cold? Would it effect the fertility?
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As long as your eggs have not frozen and you bring them up to room temp before setting them in the incubator they should be fine. Setting cold eggs in the incubator will cause a lot of condensation and not be good for them at all. Setting eggs that are 7 days old or less should yield you better results with your hatch.
Have you checked out "Hatching eggs 101"? It's a great article with a section on collection and storage of eggs prior to incubation. Here is the link ~

Good luck with your future incubations big_smile.png
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I actually did stumble across that link. But I didn't see anything about if the eggs were really cold from coming out of the cold. Thank you for your help. I'm really excited to hatch my first eggs. My little 2 are really looking forward to it also.
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Here is an extract on storage ~

Place the eggs upright in an egg carton with the FAT, air cell end of the egg UP! Allow eggs to sit in a moderately cool, somewhat humid place for storage. Basements are great. Moderately cool means 55-65 degrees. Rotate your eggs a 3 times a day to keep the embryo from sticking. An easy way to turn all of the eggs at once is to place a thick book under one end of the carton, and later remove the book and put it under the other end of the carton, 3 times a day. Before adding eggs to the incubator always WARM eggs UP slowly to room temperature. IF THE EGGS ARE COLD Condensation can cause bacterial growth on the eggs! You can collect eggs up until 10 days or so, but after the 7th day lower hatch rates may result.

As long as they are not frozen when you collect they will fine. Good luck and I'm sure your little two will really enjoy it too!
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