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Chicken Supporters in Doraville GA?

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My family just moved to Doraville GA, and were disappointed to find out that this is the worst city in the county for chickens. There is an ordinance here disallowing any livestock. I was curious if there was anyone else on here from Doraville already involved on this issue or if anyone had some advice on where to start? 
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I don't live near there, but I certainly hope you can change the laws and get some chickens. After all, a few pet chickens should be considered different then livestock. After all, a dog or cat in the yard is practically the same as having a couple chickens in the yard.


Best of luck!

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Oh my gosh... I live in Doraville and own 2 hens and 2 roosters. I honestly had no idea we weren't allowed to have them! (Is new to raising chickens) -It's strange though, because I have a few neighbors around who also own some roosters and hens!
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