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land share help

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I'm in the process of starting an egg csa
200 birds
I don't actually have the land to do this
We only have an acre and our county sucks with there rules and regulations were only allowed 10 chickens but shh I have 30 lol
Anyway there are a ton of land trusts and farms around us
I want to try and share some of there unused land
I have a business plan but have been told that I need to request the use of land in such a way that they will benefit and want me to use there land
Any ideas on what to say in the request?
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We won't tell anyone about your flock - honest! ;)


Benefits could include: 


encouraging biodiversity (eating lots of young shoots reduces the likelihood of one plant species being becoming dominant), thus improving the spectrum of higher food chain organisms that will, in turn help improve agriculture (e.g. bees, butterflies, beetles etc)


providing locally, sustainable sources of meat / eggs (assuming you free range or other such system)


fertilising land


maybe you could also consider including additional non-poultry related activities in your plan? Bees for example? You need not necessarily go into such activities yourselves, but team up with others that may be interested in sharing the land - dunno, just a thought. 


Maybe I'll have some more inspiration, post sun-downer.


all the best


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some things to consider, will the land have water?  electricity?


that could be a bargaining chip for you.


perhaps sharing profits?


try and find everything beneficial about chickens to the land they are on.  Then as CTKen has said, bring in other useful keepers, that are wiling to partner with you.  a co-op if you will.


goats also can be used to clear brush.  goat and chicken poops are great for composting and using in vegetable gardens.


cows grazing help maintain pasture land.


maybe someone is will to put in a large garden.


share all of these co-op items with the land owner as well.


down here, we mostly lease land.  so long as anything we put on it doesn't destroy it, the land owners are pretty accommodating.


there are folks that fall into a long term lease (10-20 years) with a land owner, and will add a water well and have the electric company install new poles and meter.


I'm not sure where you are located, but it could be a possibility.


even have some folks, that sub-lease these lands.  so there are many options.

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Thanks guys
I have thought of all these things but here in northern VA people are a bit snooty so I have to be careful

I want need any electric or water just the land

I can easily raise chicken off the land with nothing else
I do it in my own backyard

I would prefer to just pay rent but land is so expensive here
One guy who I takes to rents his land for $500 per month per acre
Ouch!!! Can't do that
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you will haul water in every day during the spring and fall?


twice a day during the winters?


three or four times a day in the summers?

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Originally Posted by BertS View Post

you will haul water in every day during the spring and fall?

twice a day during the winters?

three or four times a day in the summers?

I use a rain water catchment systems that works awesome. I keep it from freezing 360 days a year. Plus I use fermented feed so they get fed once a day and really don't seem to need too much more water.
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