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Please help

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I have a rooster that has been acting funny. Here is his symptoms when he trys to eat he shakes his head and runs backwards. Does have some yellow gunk on his nostril. Have him .5cc of tylan 50 orally today and been giving him polyvisol without iron. He does have yellow waxy stuff on his feathers that cover his ears. He is not eating drinking very little. Can I put the neosporn in his ear to while his is taking the tylan 50.

Also have some hens that have bubbly looking stuff in there eyes no color to it clear. All has been wormed with wazine. And if I give the hens the tylan 50 can we still eat the eggs they lay. Sorry so many ?s but I'm kinda new to this and everyone chose to get sick at the same time.
And also is the tylan 50 still going to work good by giving it orally. Or does it work better by injection....
I'm not to into giving shots cuz i heard it w8ll rot the muscle it its gave wrong but if I have to I will
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If he is 5 pounds I would increase his dose to 1 ml orally twice a day for 5 days. Have you tried cleaning his ear canals with peroxide and QTips? Then the plain Neosporin ointment would be good for his ears if they are infected. Bubbly eyes, head shaking, and nasal drainage  can be MG or mycoplasma, but here is a good link to read about the common respiratory diseases and symptoms:

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Not sure how much he weights he is a easter egger. So more then likely whatever they are coming down with none of it is really truly treatable. So what will I need to do treat the whole flock with the tylan 50. And do we need to stop eating the eggs.
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Or cull all hat shows signs. This will be a tough thing to do I have over 50 birds
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You really should just get some tested or send one in to your state vet for a necropsy. The egg withdrawal time on oral Tylan is only one day. For injecting Tylan, it is one week. You should only treat sick birds, not any that are not showing symptoms. Separate the sick ones.

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Okay thank you so much
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