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Good feed characteristics

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Trying to work out what kind of feed I will give my laying hens. Is there some way to identify which foods are better? I.e what is a good protein range? Fat etc? I have noticed chick starter had the most protein and my grower is min 16%. I have seen layer pellets from 12% protein to above 20%.

So far I have used.
Organic chick starter mash (can't remember the brand)
Vella chick starter crumble
And now vella pullet grower crumble

Not sure what these are like but I've had no problems and they were what was available but I can get many others. Just not sure how to identify what's best.

FYI my chicks free range for 2-3 hours a day and get a handful of mixed greens a few times a week when I put them back, which I'll try to increase to daily if I can grow enough.

If it matters is a small mixed flock of Ancona's, Barnevelders, Plymouth Rock and araucana
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I found this link


seems to have lots of information of profiles of feed and intake requirements.

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