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Questions regarding Georgia Giants

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I bought a beautiful trio of GG yesterday and have some questions.  I raised supposedly Texas A&M for a while in the past using a 3 section cage my cousin raised bobwhites in..  Each cage is approximately 24 x 24 and 18 inches high. 


Do GG set their own eggs?  Do they need a nesting box?  In a larger cage can incubated young be put with adults and if so at what age? 

My desire is to raise them mainly for meat but save at least one if not two breeding trios.  That means a larger cage for sure.  Will a TSC type chicken coop work?  Is a ground cage better?  I keep my chickens behind an electric fence because of predators.   I can see that might be a reason to continue with a raised cage.


How many males to females?  How many males in a community cage?  Do young males become a problem(fighting and such) before they are large enough to eat? 


Thanks.  I have looked for information on quails but did not have these questions answered for this specific breed just yet.

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Treat them like any other bobwhite. They breed in pairs or trios. You should have 4sq ft per bird of cage space if you plan on keeping them happy, your cages are 4 sq ft total. They wont brood eggs. Any birds you hatch have to be grown to full adult size before adding them to your bobwhites. You can only keep them together during the offseason. During breeding season they need to be caged in pairs/trios unless you have an aviary or flight pen in which case a small number or pairs or trios could possibly get along through the breeding season. Any quail you add to the cage without being properly introduced will be killed. Bobs are extremely territorial and can be very aggressive (shockingly aggressive at times) youll know if youre keeping them wrong because theyll kill each other.
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Thank you. Is there problems having each in its own cage for now?
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As long as they can see each other as in cages side by side you wont have any issues. You can cram them in a small cage for a bit until you get set up just dont try to make it a permanent thing.
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They like to huddle together plus I hope to hatch some eggs so I managed to partially open the wire between two of the cages. I left one cage empty except for nesting material. I traded waters and feeders for small bowls and moved these to the other side along with a dusting box. I can open the other side later but did not want to risk too much stress. They seemed happy and were moving more.
They are so pretty and make such sweet sounds. Thank you.
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