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First pip!!!

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Can anyone help, for some reason I didn't think this was a good spot for them to pip from! Am I likely to see progress from here??? This is first hatch!
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It looks fine and in a good spot for a pip on the fat end of the egg thumbsup.gif

Time to sit on those hands and let nature its course pop.gif

Good luck with your hatch fl.gif
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Thanks so much!! He/She has been chirping at us through the shell, I'm hoping when I wake in the morning I may see more of a zip!
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We have two babies ❤️❤️❤️
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We have no idea on their breeds so if anyone has any idea we'd love to know
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Congratulations woot.gif

If you could post some pics when they are dry and fluffy and in the brooder that would be great. There is the what breed gender section to post your pics in ~
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