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I want good crows.

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Today I'm harvesting some excess roosters. I want to keep Wiggles because he is the most tame and jumps into my arms and lets me pet him. The others are lovely but don't like me. The problem is Wiggles doesn't really crow well. Tess (named before we knew he was a he) has the most fantastic loud piercing crow. Should I keep both or is there hope that Wiggles will get a better crow? 


Tess is kinda a jerk. But he sounds soooo pretty. 


Posts are better with pictures: 



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PoultryBonkers took this vid of my roo crowing.

Wiggles can't possibly be worse at crowing than my EE roo! Lol!!! He is about 10 months old now, and has had the same crow since I got him at 7. I think it makes him unique! It will still do the job of being an alarm if needed.I say if you really like the personality of your boy,the heck with how he sounds! I wouldn't trade my boy for anything!!!
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Nothing sounds worse then a silkie crowing....if it were me id keep the one with the pea comb. I personally think ees look better with pea combs then single.
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I kept both for now. I couldn't part with tess's amazing crow and I never considered killing sweet Wiggles. 

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