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Duramycin 10?

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Hello I have a an indian aseel cockerel, which i bought two weeks ago.He has respiratory infection, do you think  Duramycin 10 will be good for him to get better.

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Do you have other chickens who are healthy? He may be a carrier of whatever disease he has even once he is better. Duramycin 10, oxytetracycline, Tylan, and Gallimycin are some of the commons drugs that will treat some bacterial or mycoplasma (MG) respiratory diseases in poultry. If the disease is a virus, then the antibiotic won't help, except maybe to help prevent a secondary infection. Can you describe all of his symptoms (for example: sneezing, nasal or eye drainage, rattles or wheezes, or facial swelling.) Here is a good link about the most common respiratory diseases including bronchitis, MG, ILT, coryza, and aspergillosis:

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The rest of the flock is fine and the symptoms are nasal drainage, one eye shut, heavy breathing and eye is also swollen.

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I am having the same issues with my Buff Orp's. had 4-2 month olds that started sneezing, weezing and onewith a swollen eye. put all 4 on 10 days of duramycine-10 and petrx (on nostrils) all but one recovered (she was the smallest and worse one) the other 3 have been fine for the past week but last night I have them all sneezing again one with swollen eye, slight rattle in chest and brown diarrhea...not sure what else to do, so putting them back on the duramycin as if today
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