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How to house my seramas...

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I have 3 serama chickens, 1 roo and 2 hens...they are about 3 months old. They have been living in a trough in our enclosed garage since week 1 with two same age silkies. I moved silkies outside to coop BC the other silkie lost her roo to a hawk this week so they are now confined temporarily to the coop. The seramas don't seem as active since the silkie pair left, they just kinda roost all day if they aren't eating/drinking. Should I move them out with others? If not what kind of coop will they need when I do move them, I know they aren't as hardy of a bird and I don't know what's too cold for them. I'm a newbie so as much guidance and info I need is much appreciated!!
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I have never kept seramas, but I do have bantams so I hope I can help some. :)


Seramas are more delicate to the cold, they don't do well in temperatures nearing freezing and shouldn't be kept in temperatures below freezing most certainly. However, they will love time outside while it is warm and it will encourage activity and natural behaviors. Make sure there are no small gaps for them to slip out of, as they will certainly do so with the chance. Provide plenty of shelter from any wind or rain and nice, dry bedding to snuggle into during the night.


This should help you further:



Best of luck!

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Thank u! I will read the link.... I put them in a play yard during the day for a few hours with a top on it... We are in SC so weather is unpredictable... Snow last week and 70's this week. I want do do what's best for them, I'd have a cage in house if I had room. Just wanted to make sure its healthy for them in our garage now and not constantly outside.
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The only reason that being in the garage would be bad (unless their enclosure is too small) would be because of any strong smelling chemicals or gasoline, which are very dangerous for any birds delicate lungs.


If you are worried about them being bored indoors you can offer fun perches, dust boxes, dirt to dig in, grass clippings, hidden treats, melon rinds, and other fun things for them to dig into, jump on, and hide under. I've found chickens in smaller enclosures love having something to do. :)

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Right now they are in a huge galvanized trough... Like a horse size one but was originally used for beer since it says icehouse on it, ha!! The garage is just waiting to be turned into a sunken den and my sewing space. So just some storage out there now and the chickens. I'd love to put entertainment in there, just hadn't known what but I'll definitely cut some boxes today to put in there!! Thank you!!

They are maybe 3 months old...I was told by the guy I got them from they didn't need any treats or anything til 5 months, is that true?
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Chickens of all ages love treats. My young chicks enjoy playing on small sticks and picking at scrambled eggs or finely chopped grass in their first week.

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