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Roosters comb bleeding

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Ok so I went out this morning and my roosters comb was bleeding and it was pretty bad. I don't have another rooster but I have 6 hens. It has clotted. But if I Ray to look at it or clean it up it just starts bleeding again. It is bleeding on the back tip almost looks like it got bit off and on the back of the comb where it connects to his head is bleeding. My question is how to stop the bleeding, how to make sure it doesn't get infected and how do I clean him up on the wound and his feathers archive red in blood and is all stuck together. I'm thinking that they all might have gotten some frost bit. Do I need to keep Vaseline on the combs all the time? Hope someone out there can help me. I'll try and get some pictures on here of the wound.
Thanks so much
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Well clean it up no attend if it starts to bleed again and use a little bit of soap and water an then take some flour and baking soda and mix it together and or cornstarch or just flour alone. You could also try some coconut oil for his combs and wattles for the frostbite. And I wouldn't say you have to keep it on all the time just put it on once he's on the roost. Hope this helps
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