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That's was supposed to say treat give the corid ones a day and make sure she drinks at least twice a day with at the absolute least amount of water at a time would be 3-6 mls I just gave mine water at least two times a day and after I fed her and she did seem to have a labored breathing also I hope she pulls through
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thank you so much for helping me.  at this point i am not sure she will make it through the night...

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Have u been feeding her and drinking her
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yes i did and keep trying ;( she not even moving her beak when i feed/drink now

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Is she moving her legs or wings? Could she have eaten something in the yard to get botulism?

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Well I would not feed her any more just try to keep some fluids in her and and I don't know what else it could be as mine she had the same symtoms and has made lots of improvements and is eating and drinking her self and acts fine I hope she pulls through the night and if she is worse you may just have to put her down and or just let nature take its course as putting her down would be better as it will stop the sufering and I would consider still treating the others
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barely moving them, is that like food poisoning?

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I don't know have never delt with food poisoning I would see if someone else knows sry and Google searching it as I hope you find what's wrong with her hope she pulls through the night
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Botulism is from eating a toxin produced by decayed animal or fish carcasses, and sometimes by rotting vegetation and maggots. It's common if there is a dead animal lying around, or a fish that has been beached. It causes paralysis of the feet that spreads upward in the body to the wings, and later the neck and breathing muscles. Chicken 603--I hope she recovers, but if she dies, I would recommend getting a necropsy done by your state state just to find a cause of her illness. Here is a link for that:

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Thanks for coming to help me out with this problem eggcessive
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