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sour craw and dehydration

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My chicken has sour craw and I've vomited her a few times.  I noticed today her waddle is shriveled and her feet are cold?  Any suggestions?

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Welcome to BYC. What symptoms have you seen so far that you think it is sour crop? Is there a bad odor around her beak, or is she spitting up brownish liquid? Is her craw (crop) full and squishy? It sounds like she could be dehydrated and cold, so you may want to bring her inside to warm up, and give her some SaveAChick or other electrolyte mixture. Vomiting chickens can cause them to choke to death, so be very careful. Since I haven't treated it myself, I'll leave you some good links to read:

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She had a terrible smell before I vomited her, that is better today but she still seems dehydrated.  I've kept her in a warm area and away from the others so she is not being bothered.  She has plenty of water and pellets and I gave her a scrambled egg with some olive oil this morning.

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She may need some antifungal medicine such as Nystatin, Fluconazole, or Ketoconazole. Crop massage, plain yogurt, and lots of water can help, but it is hard to treat. Casportpony may have some tips on where to find meds if you can't get them from a vet.

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thanks for that.  She is processing her food a little better.  eyes are bright but feet cold and just looks dehydrated.  I will try some antifungal.

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