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rooster vent covered in hard poop

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I have a rooster that seems to have very hard, dry, caked on poop around his vent. I've been trying to get it off, but it's stuck hard. I've given him a bath in warm water - soaking for about half an hour. It didn't help. I've been slathering his butt with A&D ointment, and it's not helping. He's having a hard time pooping, not sure what to do.
Anyone here ever had a similar experience and have a solution?

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Is he drinking normally? It might be constipation from not drinking enough. You can mix 1 ounce of molasses into a quart/liter of warm water, and feed it to him for 4 hours for a laxative. I would make sure that he gets probiotics or some plain yogurt if his feed doesn't contain them. Purina and Nutrina are adding them to feeds nowadays. Here are some good threads with tips:

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Thanks for your suggestion and links. At this point I don't think I'd do a laxative because he can't actually poop anything out - like his vent is completely closed off,, But if I can get that stuff off, I'll do the laxative thing.

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Give him a warm bath in epsom salts. No drinking since it is a laxative. Try using a rubber glove with some oil or lubricant, and inserting a finger into the vent an inch or two to feel for hard droppings or break them up.

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