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Can my hen live inside?

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I got a beautiful silkie hen that I named Daisy. I kept her inside for a week to try to get my little roo to figure out he's a chicken. He has lived inside for 8 months until he started crowing. Long story... Wanted him to have a buddy to go outside with. Well he attacked her and wouldn't stop so they were separated. I haven't put her out because I'm afraid she will be attacked and I like having her inside. I'm sure I know the answer already but would she happy being a house chicken? I like having her inside. She would be happier outside, wouldn't she?

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Yes she would be happier living outside because of the bugs and grass and the air they just love that.

But then it would be better to live inside then to live outside with a vicious rooster LOL

Does she seem happy?

Or scared?

Could you send a picture?

Silkies are known to be the best pet chickens so maybe she could live inside/outside

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How long did you give your roo and hen to get acquainted? It's normal for a chicken that's been around for a while to be aggressive toward a newcomer. Usually it's a quick peck on the head and they settle right down.


Sometimes there could be a fight if the newcomer thinks she doesn't want to accept being number two. But that usually resolves pretty quickly, also.


If your roo saw the hen and immediately decided to mate her, it could have appeared she was being attacked, especially if she objected and put up a fierce resistance.


I would first of all reintroduce the two, but do it more slowly by keeping the rooster confined and allow the hen to explore her new surroundings for a few days, gaining self confidence and relaxing, getting acquainted with the roo through a barrier so she is safe from any aggression on his part.


Watch how the roo behaves while he's watching her. Wait until the two of them are relaxed before letting him out of his cage. Remember, some aggression is normal, but you want to step in if he appears to be doing more than just a peck on the head to show her he's the home boy or grabbing her neck and climbing on her to mate.

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