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That's so sweet. I'm glad she can be happy with you guys. Special needs chickens always get a special place in our hearts.


Are you sure it wasn't a disease or some other injury that caused the partial paralysis? Fighting usually leads to some bleeding wounds and missing feathers, not walking issues. Partial paralysis can be caused by injuries to the nervous system or head, poisoning of some kind, a virus or bacteria, genetics, and other things. I've had a few chicken that had walking issues as well and had to get special care and handling. :)

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We still aren't for sure caused it. Three days previous to my husband finding her down, he was out working in the yard when he heard the girls squawking. He flew over to see what the commotion was all about. The two were under the porch into the utility room. It's kinda low. Lucy had a beak full of feathers. Gracie walked away, but with a bit of a limp. He believes it has to be some sort of back injury. I felt terrible for her! I called the vets in our area to see if anyone would see her. It makes me sad, so many people view them as "just a chicken". No one would see her. So I did a lot of research on line; Mareks was my first thought if it were disease. But that was a year and a half or so ago! None of the others have had any issues.

Lucy and Gracie are Ameracaunas- I don't think I spelled that right- they both have a lot if issues when it comes to laying. Lucy consistently lays eggs with excess calcium deposits on them. That started after she laid a soft-shelled egg. Gracie has laid several soft-shelled eggs. I always make sure she has extra calcium available in her diet, as with all my girls. So it's been a difficult task to diagnose the problem. We are leaning toward genetics. All our girls have come from our local feed store; and they've been amazing layers, problem free. 1 Marans, 5 Rhode Islands and the 2 Ameracaunas. So I keep researching and reading and educating myself and reaching out. I don't know if we'll ever know what happened. But we do know this; we LOVE these girls and we will do everything possible to keep them safe and happy and healthy! Even if that means letting one be a "house" pet! :love    

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Some hens do just lay strange eggs regularly. Some of mine lay long thin eggs, others lay double-yolks, some lay with wrinkles in them. As long as it isn't causing any health issues then abnormal eggs aren't bad for hens.

Maybe she's just eating a lot of calcium and so is putting the extra on her egg shells.

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Thank you for the information! They do seem to be fine, just get those oddball eggs. I watched a virtual chicken reproduction video, it's incredible what their bodies do! Makes me appreciate every egg even more:D:D:D

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