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Hen Pecked

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Hey guys looking for help. Introduced a rooster about 3 weeks ago to an existing flock of ten hens.. After a 3 day "breaking in" period, everything seemed to be going smoothly. This afternoon I noticed 1 hen that looks like she has been in a war. Her back is bare and her comb is bleeding. She hides in a nesting box in the coop, but when she comes out the rooster immediately rides her again.....and stays on her.  Each time she looses more feathers and I noticed other hens gather around to eat the pulled out feathers. Should I cull her, the rooster or what......They are being feed 16% protein with boss, scratch grains and a little alfalfa every 3 or 4 days. Any help would be appreciated.

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I would not cull her I would cull the rooster and try a different one I have a Rhode Island Red rooster if you want him
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