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A Home for Buddy the Rooster; Ventura County, California area

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Hello to All,

I am needing re-home our Rooster, Buddy. We got Buddy in July 2015. While I was out for a walk with my Lab, I met three teenagers holding a box. I was curious about what they were holding and a month old Buddy was sitting there. The teen girl said she had to get rid of the chicken that night and did not know what to do. So I said, I'll take the chicken. So I told her my address and continued my walk. She went to my house, knocked on the door and spoke to my elder mother. The teen said "I have a chicken" and my Mother said "Is it roasted". (This is our family joke)She said no a lady with a black dog said to bring the chicken here. So the little bird in the box was left at my doorstep. The teen caught up with me and asked if we were going to eat the chicken. I told her of course not, we were going to get a few more hens for eggs. I always wanted a few chicken and from your site I found out Simi Valley, CA now allows up to 6 hens for educational purposes with a permit. At that time we thought Buddy was Betsy. We got a coop and I got special feed for laying eggs. By December, I realized we did not have a Betsy but a Buddy. We are not allowed to have roosters. And our neighbor is looking for who has the Rooster. We hand raised him so he is very tame. We had chicken time every night and he would hop on my mother's lap to be held. He comes when you call him. He will follow you around the yard. He is getting a bit frisky now. He responds well to being picked up and carried around to have him settle down and not strike.


7month old Rooster

Barred Rock

Hand raised

Ventura County, California

Simi Valley( Home of the Reagen Library)

Looking for some one who wants a pet Rooster for their flock. He is a beautiful boy

I have tried our 4-H community, Our university, a retreat area and a local farm.

I am going to keep him until we find a good home.

No pot or fight for him.

Please let me know is you are if someone you know in the Ventura County area is looking for a great Rooster.:yiipchick

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 Here is pictures of our beautiful boy, Buddy.

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Can u deliver to colton
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Yes I can deliver to Colton. So nice to hear that you are interested in Buddy. He is a beautiful Barred Rock and would be a great addition to a flock. Let me know if you are still interested.


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Yes I am still interested
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Great! Lets set up a date. I am so happy to find a home for him. He is such a nice boy.

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Let's say 5:00 on thursday
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Or tomorrow at any time
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My son will be waiting
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Thursday at 5pm sounds good.

Can you send me your address and phone number? You can put it here or send it to me a message on the site or my email

My Mom may come as well. She wants to see where Buddy will be living. She really cares for him. She wanted to know what kind of birds you have and where he will be living. My Mom is 96.. and really enjoyed her chicken time with him

Thanks so much


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